Serving contemporary French cuisine in an ornately decorated interior reminiscent of The Great Gatsby,
Basic Instinct brings to the table the exquisite flavors of French ingredients unmasked by unnecessary seasonings.

Basic Instinct, refers to human’s most basic need – food, and our endless passion to deliver impeccable cuisine to the table.
Basic Instinct’s logo is a 5-petaled Frangipani flower represents the restaurant, with each petals symbolizing the five basic taste – sour, salty, bitter,
sweet and umami, and also the five principles of our establishment – ambience, interior, music, food and service.

Basic Instincts is a result of a years of research, passion and experience in French cuisine.
Driven by passion and friendships centered around the dining table, we create an experience for all senses.

A blend of international and local
Ingredients in our restaurant are internationally sourced – many air flown to ensure freshness.
Combined with local sensibilities and a contemporary flair, they represent the soul of our establishment.

Exceptional ambience
Decorated in accents of black and gold, our interior has been carefully designed to complement each dining experience.
From the carefully selected tableware to our extraordinary service, each visit is a treat in itself. .


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Due to the current situation and recent decision by The Governor of DKI Jakarta, We fully support the second large - scale social restriction (PSBB).
We will be closed for dine-in, starting September 14, 2020
But Our Kitchen remains open daily, you can still get your favorite dishes by take away and delivery to your door step

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Our Signatures
Presenting the freshest, most covetable ingredients in creative ways that indulge the taste buds.

Crab Meat with Confit Egg in Lobster Bisque
Succulent, fresh crab meat is slow-cooked in flavorful lobster bisque to create robust flavors from the sea.

Foie Gras
Rich, buttery foie gras complemented by the subtle taste of consomme gel and a dash of succulent chutney.

Lamb Chop
Tender, Frenched trimmed lamb chops marinated in our secret recipe sprinkled with a blend of spices.

Seasonal Menu
Using seasonal ingredients, we present special menus at different times that intrigue.

For more information & order:
Call : +6221 51402121
WhatsApp : +628 1296552121
Instagram : @basicinstinctculinary


Monday - Saturday : 10.30am - 12pm
We will be closed for dine-in starting September 14, 2020.

Basic Instinct Culinary
Lot 22 Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.Kav 52-53, RT.5/RW.1
Jakarta Selatan 12190.